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What is Elder's Grace all about?

Elder’s Grace is an action role-playing (RPG) strategy game that combines fast-paced, action-packed battles with intricate building and design elements for web2 and web3 players. In this immersive cross-web game, you can switch between roles – master builder and daring raider – as you create your own maze-like dungeons filled with challenging traps and defenses, then gear up for intense battles as you raid other players’ Shires. Treasure found on successful raids is yours to keep. With rich in-game economies, and optional blockchain technology features, Elder’s Grace offers a unique and engaging gaming experience unlike any other.

What makes Elder's Grace unique among other Strategy  games?

Elder's Grace combines the elements of strategy, castle defense, role-playing, UGC and optional blockchain technology, creating a unique and immersive gaming experience.
Players can design their own stronghold levels, switch between roles and earn rich rewards including blockchain-based assets, making it one of the best web2 or web3 blockchain games available.

How does blockchain technology factor into Elder’s Grace?

Players choosing the optional on-chain mode can earn rewards in the form of blockchain-based digital assets, tokens and other rewards for their in-game accomplishments. Digital assets,  rewards and  characters are player owned assets and can be bred, traded or sold.

What kind of Digital Assets can players earn in Elder’s Grace?

Players in on-chain mode can earn a variety of owned digital assets in
Elder’s Grace, including in-game items, special dungeon rooms & features and unique DNA
hero characters - each with special skills & attributes and more.

How does the on-chain mechanism work in Elder's Grace?

All Elder’s Grace players can earn rich rewards, but those who opt for blockchain mode also earn digital assets and tokens through various in-game activities such as completing challenges, conquering strongholds, defeating enemies, protecting treasure and more.

Is Elder's Grace a free-to-play game?

Elder's Grace offers both a cross-web version and a traditional web2 version of the game. Both versions feature a compelling free-to-play game mode with free and paid options.
With the free option, you can play and enjoy the game without spending any money. With the paid option, you can access additional features and benefits. Cross-web players can also choose to upgrade to a blockchain experience at any time.
More information about the web2 only version, Elder's Grace, Unchained can be found here: www.eldersgrace.com

When and where can I play Elder's Grace?

Elder’s Grace will be launching details about our limited Early Access Alpha soon.
The game will initially be available on desktop.

How can I stay up to date with the latest Elder’s Grace news and announcements?

Follow Elder’s Grace on social media channels and join our Discord today!