📖 Dive into the Origins of Elder's Grace - Rise of the Mobley

Elder's Grace, Rise of the Mobley Origins

The Mobley were a peaceful and prosperous race and the sole inhabitants of the vast continent of Elridia. From verdant forests to snow capped mountains, the land was as varied and unique as the Mobley that called it home. For thousands of years, the various tribes learned to live in harmony with the land, making their settlements to match the surrounding landscape. From deep underground caverns to interlocking communities among the treetops, where the Mobley moved, they used the land to create their homes. 

The Mobleys led a serene existence, harmony ingrained in their every step. Nature's bounty was their ally, a dance of reciprocity. Troubles seldom brewed among them, finding resolution through peaceful discourse. Violence was an alien concept to the Mobley way of life, buried deep within the sands of time. This tranquil rhythm was abruptly disrupted when the ocean horizon birthed a fleet of colossal vessels, behemoths contrasting the azure expanse. The ships stood as enigmatic titans, their appearance an unsettling aberration. A misty shroud clung to them like a whispered secret, and a malevolent twilight veiled their presence. Even reality itself appeared to twist in their shadowed wake.

Curious but also cautious, the Mobley fled inland to observe these strange new visitors from a distance. The darkness continued to spread as the ships moved closer. The waters of the Sea of Nordwell which had once been crystal clear took on an almost inky hue. The Mobley were shocked at the appearance of the strange new creatures that emerged from the ships as they made landfall. Massive trolls, grotesque ghouls, and fearsome goblins, they had the appearance of hideous creatures that were only ever whispered about around campfires. They were the kind of monsters that gave young Mobley nightmares. 

The darkness followed the creatures wherever they went. Perhaps most shocking of all was the way it emanated from the three strange robed figures that seemed to hold sway over the rest of the creatures.

The new creatures wasted little time in setting up a settlement. Wherever they went, the land seemed to twist to their presence. Trees would begin to rot, water became polluted and unsafe to drink. Even worse, the animals of the land which the Mobley had peacefully coexisted with seemed to fall under the influence of the monsters upon encountering them, becoming almost distorted versions of their former selves. The Mobley had always lived in symbiosis with the land around them but these new creatures cared little for preservation. Everything they encountered they viewed as theirs by right. So much of what the Mobley had spent centuries caring for and crafting quickly fell to ruin. 

It soon became clear that they were not interested in a peaceful coexistence with the Mobley. While they did their best to stay hidden, every encounter with these new creatures led to horrific violence. Panic set in and the Mobley began to flee. As the creatures expanded across the land, they found the former Mobley settlements abandoned. They quickly repurposed the once beautiful settlements that once belonged to the Mobley into their own depraved dwellings. Everything soon fell to rot and decay as the former guardians of the land gave way to the influence of these new monstrosities. 

The Mobley began to refer to these invaders as the Accursed Horde for the way their numbers only seemed to multiply. 

Recognizing the impending peril, the ten Elder Mobley convened in a somber assembly within the heart of Havenmoor, the capital city. Driven by a fervent determination to shield their homeland from impending darkness, the Elders embarked on a daring path. Deep within the hallowed chambers of The Great Library of Havenmoor, they uncovered an archaic ritual, etched in forgotten scrolls.

Bound by their devotion, the Elders embarked on the profound ritual, a symphony of arcane incantations. The ritual wove a tapestry of ancient forces, entwining them with each Elder's essence. The fabric of reality shimmered as newfound power coursed through their veins, gifting them dominion over elements that had long slumbered in the depths of history.

Empowered, the Elder Mobley surged forth, summoning elemental magics in a fervent counterattack against the encroaching darkness. Their radiant prowess ignited a spark within their fellow Mobley, a blaze of inspiration that had been but a distant dream. As the Elders' mighty displays of elemental mastery kindled hope, the Mobley, once untouched by the fires of battle, answered the call with newfound courage.

The battlefield became a symphony of clashing forces, a tempest where the Elders' mastery painted the skies with elements yet unseen. The war waged on for a decade, a relentless contest of wills that left both sides battered and reeling, locked in a fierce, unyielding struggle.

But the Mobley's resilience remained unwavering. As time stretched on, the Elder Mobley realized that a more profound sacrifice was required to secure their homeland's future. Gathered once more within Havenmoor's sacred confines, they forged a desperate pact. This time, the Elders' mantle of power would be passed not amongst themselves, but to every Mobley, a binding of legacies.

The price of this pact was staggering, a toll no heart could bear lightly. The Elders, selflessly committed to the Mobley's future, prepared to surrender their lives for a chance at lasting salvation. The decision weighed heavy, a poignant reminder of the sacrifices required when destinies intertwine with the threads of magic and valor.

The ritual commenced, an ancient incantation weaving through the air, a tapestry of power and hope. Yet, as the last words echoed, a profound silence fell, almost deafening in its emptiness. The very air seemed to shimmer, reality itself momentarily unhinged. The Elders, pillars of wisdom and strength, vanished before their eyes, leaving a void that could be felt like an ache in the heart of the land.

Initially, the impact was unfathomable, a numb disbelief that spread like wildfire among the Mobley. The absence of their venerable leaders was like a sun suddenly snuffed out, casting the world into an unfamiliar darkness. Desperation clenched their hearts as they faced an unprecedented challenge. The land that had been a haven now seemed to cradle a lurking threat, an ominous undertone beneath every rustling leaf and flowing stream.

As the Mobley grieved this loss, the Horde seized their chance. An unrelenting tide of darkness surged forth, shrouding the once-gleaming horizons in a cloak of malevolence. Chaos engulfed what was once harmony, and the Horde's grip tightened with every passing day. The Mobley, once a unified symphony, became fragmented notes, struggling to hold onto their culture, their homes, and the very essence of who they were.

But amidst the encroaching gloom, something remarkable began to stir. Like seeds awakening after a long winter, a new generation of Mobley emerged, compelled by the vacuum left by their Elders. They might not have experienced the Elders' teachings firsthand, but the echoes of their wisdom still resonated in the wind. Guided by stories, memories, and the inherent determination of their kind, these young Mobley forged bonds, discovering latent talents and strengths within themselves.

United by their love for the land and the legacy of the Elders, they rallied to a cause that was larger than themselves. It wasn't just about survival; it was about reclaiming a way of life that defined their existence. In the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, this new generation lit the torch of hope, each individual becoming a testament to the enduring spirit of the Mobley.

As the forces of the Horde pressed harder, these young Mobley stood as a beacon against the encroaching shadows. They were an embodiment of resilience, a living testament to the Elders' teachings. In their unity, they found strength. In their shared purpose, they discovered hope. The Mobley, fractured by grief, found solace in the legacy they upheld. The Elders' absence, though a void, had kindled a fierce determination that would redefine their world.

Led by Selene, Cam, Rowan, and Vesper, the Mobley who had been graced by the presence of the Elders. Wearing powerful armor which gave them the ability to control multiple elements, each of these Mobley were more powerful than any one of the Elders. Knowing they needed to share these gifts, they combined their efforts with Ignus,the most gifted of Mobley blacksmiths. Using abilities he too received from the Elders, he was able to create copies of the mythical armor, allowing any Mobley to manifest their affinity with the elements that had been gifted to them by the Elders. 

The Accursed Horde quickly learned of these gifts and did their best to find Ignus and his Smithy, but the clever Mobley were able to stay one step ahead. Gifting it when he could and hiding it when he could not, Ignus slowly spread the armor throughout the land, giving every Mobley the chance to rise up and wield the power of the Elders. 

Now for the first time the Mobley are truly on equal footing with their enemies. Through the grace of those that came before, they finally have the power to destroy the Accursed Horde and regain and rebuild the land that they call home.