Elder’s Grace Game Lore, The Accursed Horde

Ever since the invaders' boats first landed on the shores of The Luminous Islands, the Mobley have been trying to figure out who they were and what brought them to Elridia. As soon as they disembarked from their ships, it became clear that their presence in the Mobley homeland was not a peaceful one. Instantly stripping the land for their own use, initial attempts at contact resulted in the first skirmishes which were the beginning of the endless conflict that would soon engulf the land.

Unused to such conflict, the Mobley at first fled their homes. The invaders were quick to repurpose these settlements for their own means. Even the very land where they went seemed to twist to their purposes. Animals, plants, everything their dark magic touched fell under their sway and turned against the Mobley that had lived in harmony with them for so many years. This darkness led the Mobley to begin referring to the enemy as The Accursed Horde.

The magic they used seemed to draw from the very essence of the land. Everything the Accursed touches eventually withers and dies. Some Mobley began to speculate that this was the reason they had chosen to invade. Having used up all their resources, they had no choice but to find new lands to plunder, leading them directly to the Mobley. 

The Horde was made up of a variety of creatures that seemed to have no relation to each other. From twisted orcs, fiendish ghouls, and all manner of vile creatures, there was no end to the creatures that made up the invader’s forces. There were whispers of three creatures in dark robes that seemed to be in control of the enemy army. However, few Mobley who encountered these creatures ever returned to tell the tale so it is unclear if the robed figures were real or just hearsay.