Elder’s Grace - Play for Keeps!

Introducing Elder’s Grace, the fantastical live action game where you can build and defend your own lair, raid other players' dungeons, and design your own levels! With optional blockchain features, and robust user generated content, the fun never ends in this RPG-meets-Castle Defense adventure.

In Elder’s Grace, players must build and protect their own customized dungeons, adding traps, blockades, spells and ferocious guardians while also creating specialized teams, whose members feature unique DNA attributes, to explore and plunder others.

But that’s not all.  Blockchain optional features add an extra layer of excitement and rewards. Traditional web2 gamers and seasoned blockchain players will both enjoy ‘Playing for Keeps’ in Elder’s Grace, Rise of the Mobley.  

Get ready to enter this magical world filled with creatures and treacherous foes where heroes battle to protect what's theirs. Sign up to be added to the list for our Early Access Beta Trial.  

Join the adventure today and Play for Keeps!