Elder’s Grace, Rise of the Mobley, Now on Epic Games Store

Las Vegas - May 17, 2023 - Cross-web game and platform developer, Meta Monkey today  announced that their flagship title, Elder's Grace, Rise of the Mobley is now available for wish list on the Epic Games Store. As a cross-web, live-action, role-playing meets castle defense, building, and raiding game, Elder's Grace is set for full release in early 2024 and can now be added to your wish list on the popular online game platform.

Players can enjoy the game for free or upgrade to on-chain mode for an enhanced experience. Join the Mobley clan to build and defend treasure strongholds, raid other player’s treasure rooms, and earn rich rewards. With easy blockchain onboarding for any player wishing to explore this new technology, Elder's Grace offers a fun and seamless experience for all.

To learn more about Elder's Grace, Rise of the Mobley visit the game's website at EldersGrace.io.  Wish List today 👉 EPIC GAMES - Elders Grace