Fun & Choice What Blockchain Games are Missing

Play to earn models have the ability to revolutionize the way we play games by giving players direct ownership over what they earn in-game. However, something that quickly became apparent in the emerging web3 market was that a lot of emphasis had been placed on the “earn” aspect and very little on the “play.” Where was the fun? Many popular blockchain games feature little to no interactivity and the decisions players make are negligible at best.

As lifelong gamers, we knew our focus had to be on gameplay first. The core decisions guiding our design process were about finding ways in which digital asset ownership and blockchain features could enhance the traditional game experiences we already had in place. As players, we’ve had too many experiences in the past where a game looked promising only to be burned by greedy design decisions catering specifically to whales and those looking to turn a quick profit. That’s why we took the approach to tailor the experience of Elder’s Grace to be accessible to and enjoyable for everyone.

Player choice is one of the key tenants in good game design and we wanted to expand those principles beyond the core gameplay loop. We understand why many people are cautious of emerging web3 technology. As mentioned, a lot of what came before was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. We want Elder’s Grace to be something that can be enjoyed by all players which is why all web3 components are completely optional. The game was designed to be fun, ON or OFF blockchain. Players will have the chance to enjoy it on their own terms. Plus, we’ve provided an easy on-ramp for traditional players to test out the added benefits offered by the new technology. In this way, we’re bridging the gap between web2 and web3, and letting players choose how they want to broach the future of gaming.