📖 Harnessing Thunder: The Electrifying Rise of Theia, the Storm-Bringer

Elder's Grace, Elder Mobley - Theia

Theia was often called a force of nature because trying to win an argument against her was as fruitless as trying to battle a storm. Her temper was legendary among the Mobley, her voice often rising like claps of thunder.

Originally from a small village of Mobley that were very set in their ways, Theia was used to having to raise her voice to make herself heard. She longed for a life beyond the small confines of where she was born.

This led her to larger Mobley cities where she found she could often speak out on behalf of the people from her village whose needs were often forgotten about. Her fierce advocacy for the underdog earned her a place among the Elders.

After the ritual, upon feeling the power of lightning course through her veins, she finally felt like she had a good way to channel her anger. Her anger poured forth from her, lightning falling from the sky, as abundant as drops of rain.