Meta Monkey Joins Blockchain Game Alliance

Promoting Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Gaming

Meta Monkey, leading developer and creator of fun for gamers who 'Play for Keeps’, announced today its membership in the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), a major blockchain gaming association.

Known for creating engaging games and platforms, Meta Monkey blends web2 gameplay with web3 and blockchain technology, making their membership in the BGA a natural fit. As a member of the BGA, the developer joins a coalition of over 90 companies, such as Animoca Brands and The Sandbox, committed to advocating for blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Meta Monkey plans to contribute to the association's goal of spreading awareness about the technology's potential to transform games and improve existing businesses by creating new ways to play, publish, and build strong gaming communities. Their flagship title, Elder’s Grace, Rise of the Mobley, will launch in early 2024 and combines immersive gameplay with optional blockchain enhancements, sustainable economies, and thriving user-generated content (UGC) ecosystems. This compelling and high-quality experience will be enjoyed by traditional and blockchain gamers alike. 

Founded in 2019, the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) provides an open forum for individuals and companies to collaborate, establish best practices, and create common standards for the adoption of blockchain technology in gaming. Meta Monkey and the BGA will work together to foster a community of like-minded blockchain creators to establish industry standards and share information. To learn more about BGA visit

About Meta Monkey

Meta Monkey builds cross-web fun for today’s gamers, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. Their team of gaming and gambling industry pioneers combines immersive gameplay with blockchain enhancements, sustainable economies, and thriving UGC ecosystems, resulting in compelling and quality experiences that players love. For more information, visit or to learn about their launch title, visit