Origins of the Elder Mobley, Founder's Digital Card Collectibles

We're thrilled to announce Origins of the Elder Mobley FOUNDER'S DIGITAL CARD COLLECTIBLES!  

Elder's Grace was designed for cross-web gaming fun and these utility-focused digital cards have been specially created with our early community in mind.  Digital Card holders receive heaps of in-game benefits, special access and cool perks, like:

4 Exciting Levels 🌟

  • Common: 140 cards
  • Rare: 100 cards
  • Epic: 50 cards
  • Legendary: 10 cards
  • Total supply limited to 160

Exclusive Benefits 💎

  • Whitelist Access: Be among the first for all digital asset sales, including future releases!
  • Alpha/Beta Access: Play test new features before anyone else & provide valuable feedback.
  • Celebratory Discord Role: Join our elite community of cardholders & revel in exclusive privileges.

In-Game Advantages 🚀

  • Unique Summon Skins: Customize Mobleys with special summon abilities.
  • Stronghold Names/Icons: Display exclusive designs for your strongholds.
  • Victory & Defeat Animations: Flaunt your extraordinary achievements.
  • XP Boosts: Enhance Mobleys' leveling speed (highest card only, non-stackable).
  • Stronghold Capacity Boost: Carry more loot from raids (stackable).
  • Global Stronghold Effects: Influence environment based on your card.
  • Expanded Stronghold Creator: Increase maximum room capacity (1 room max).

Stack Cards For More In-Game Perks💥

  • Complete a tier set of 10 cards for a bonus boss: "Corrupted Elders".
  • Unlock Unique Icons/Animations: Get all 10 cards for exclusive perks.
  • Enhance Mutation Odds: Increase % chance when breeding with a complete set.

The power is unleashed April 13th at 2pm UTC with the opening of the Whitelist Sale. The Public Sale will open on April 14th at 2pm UTC, while supply lasts.

WL Price: $15 MATIC

Public Price: $30 MATIC

Join our Discord for minting details 👉

Disclaimer: Digital Card benefits and details are subject to change as the game development progresses.  Digital Cards offered are for in-game utility (that is subject to change) and collectable use only.