đź“– The Mysterious Elder Galdur - Reclusive but unmatched power

Elder's Grace - Galdur, Reclusive but Powerful

Often seen as the most mysterious of the Elders, Galdur was never quite sure of his place in the world. Though he cared deeply for his homeland and fellow Mobley, he was a recluse and never felt a particular affinity like the other Elders.

At first, the other Elders didn’t notice he was missing after the ritual, so used to his solitary ways, they assumed he was defending the land in his own way. Though as time went on, they realized he could no longer be found on this plane.

Galdur was just as confused as well. No longer able to feel his body, he seemed to have been absorbed into the ether. At first, he assumed the ritual had failed but gradually his senses returned and he realized what he could do.

Operating from the spiritual plane, Galdur could alter the very strands of fate. While he couldn’t directly fight the enemy, he could weaken them, changing what he could to give the Mobley a fighting chance.

Gradually, the other Mobley began to sense his presence and whispers began to spread about his power. They knew that whatever happened, Galdur was watching from beyond, shaping the outcomes of battles yet to come.